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Design Systems Architect

I design and develop websites, themes and front-end tools to help make the web a better place. I like to write about my experiments and experiences and share my results on Github. I currently work for Valtech Australia & New Zealand.

My Skills

  • Mobile Design
  • UI Design
  • User Experience
  • Accessibility

Latest Blog Post

Using NPM Scripts to Run Node-Sass

Most web apps today will have some form of automated build tools to facilitate development. The job of build tools is to take your source code, perform some tasks on it, and generate your production code. Tasks which need to be automated may typically include Sass…

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Senior UI Consultant @Valtech

Senior UI Consultant @Valtech

Australia & New Zealand

Open-Source Projects:

Latest Dribbble Shots

Noah: a boilerplate for compiling front-end web apps using NPM build scripts

  • Favours API usage over CLI wrappers
  • CSS/Sass lint | autoprefix | compile
  • JS concatenate | uglify | lint | unit test
  • Assemble/Handlebars
  • Browsersync + watching & live reload
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